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  1. an abundance of valuable possessions or money. 
  2. the state of being rich. 
  3. an abundance or profusion of something desirable.

*Source: Oxford English Dictionary

Wealth is relative. What you define as wealth for your situation may not be the same as your neighbor, a coworker, a friend or family member. You can manage your wealth with the help of a trusted advisor who can help you make informed decisions, help you feel confident to take specific actions and pursue your personal financial goals.

  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation
  • Stock Options, Restricted Stock Award and Deferred Compensation Planning
  • Relocation Information (Moving Expenses, Local Taxes, Sale of Residence)
  • Qualified Tuition Programs for College Savings
  • Credit Management and Bank Financing (Mortgage, Personal Loans)
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and Roth IRA Contribution Limits, Withdrawals and Distributions 
  • Financial Issues arising from Divorce, Job Loss or Inheritance
  • Estate Administration
  • IRS Representation